About Us

At Gear Head Designs we LOVE cars. If it has 4 wheels and an engine, we like it. Fast cars, muscle cars, tuner cars, hot rods, 4x4's, and everything in between. We consider some cars to be more than just a car. Some cars have a story that is every bit as meaningful to their owner as the car itself is. Here we share your passion for cars. 

We love being gear heads! Our perfect weekend is wrenching on a car, getting it "just right"  just in time to take it out for a fun time. Cruising, racing, off roading, or going to a show. We love it all. 

That's why we started gearhead-designs.com. Our slogan is "Designs for Gear Heads, by Gear Heads", and that holds true. We're the first call our friends and family makes when they're having car trouble. We prefer to fix it ourselves, rather than taking it to a garage. And most importantly we love to learn. We always try to stay humble, and not only learn from our mistakes, but others as well.

When you make a purchase from gearhead-designs.com your supporting gear heads from the midwest. If you have any requests or suggestions, please feel free to shoot us an email or message us on Facebook. 

Thanks for all of our support. We truly do appreciate your business, and work hard every day to earn it, and keep it. We don't care if your a Mustang guy or a Camaro guy we appreciate, and respect everyone.